Girls, Girls, (Show)Girls!!

So if you don’t already know, for class yesterday we did showgirl looks on each other. I posted the classmate I made up here but here is her work on me! Since the artist had to use the model’s makeup my Inglot palette was used with this(I swear I’ll review that soon!).

I just thought I’d share because I absolutely LOVE these lashes! I’ve never really cared too much for false lashes for numerous reasons. 1) I used to have  a hard time applying them 2) my glasses seemed to crush and hide the lashes (and I’m not ready for contacts just yet) and 3) I was always satisfied with my own lashes. But I seemed to have missed the idea that lashes are really fun and cool. So now that I know how to apply them and after wearing these all day I might have to start wearing them! Anyhow Here it is.

PS- Ironically I went to see the Hunger Games yesterday(amazing BTW) and I thought it was perfect I was wearing these! Representing The Capital!


My Showgirl look



I love the colors she used! You can really see them here!


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