Model of the day

So yesterday in class we did showgirl looks which meant bold, bright colors, lots of liner, big lashes bold lips. Everything you would see if you’d go to a show in Las Vegas. Not exactly what you would wear everyday…well you could if you’re confident enough and don’t care. I would!

It was really fun doing this makeup. This was a day to let your creativity shine. In class everyone was assigned to a partner and we used their own makeup for their look. Everyone did a fabulous job on their models. I loved doing this makeup because I’ve always been one to go big and bold with eye makeup. I’ve toned it down as of late just because either I don’t have time to do full makeup or I just want to have natural makeup but doing full, bold makeup is just so much fun.

I hate when people ask me, “why do you need all that makeup on?” Or they say things like, “you’re so pretty you really don’t need all that makeup on”. I just got to the point where I just walk away because they’ll never understand. Its not to make yourself look better and its not to hide yourself, its just FUN. Makeup is art! You never ask an artist “why do you use so many different colors in a piece” or “why is this so abstract?” You just enjoy the beauty and creativity of it.
Anyhow that’s just my vent for the day. Here is my model! I really wish my partner had more fun lashes but I liked how this came out. I keep forgetting to get before shots!



6 thoughts on “Model of the day

  1. Beautiful work! I feel u on people judging u if u were a lot of makeup…..i absolutely love doin my makeup every day cuz it makes me feel unique and beautiful, and i know I’ll stand out from the rest. It gives me pleasure and it’s my way of expressing myself. Anyway, great job and awesome colors!

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