Real Techniques Brush Set-Core Collection


These brushes were created by makeup artist and YouTube sensation Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo from the UK. These brushes are designed to use on the face. They are synthetic brushes so they work great with liquid and cream products. Likewise I feel they also work perfectly with powder products. These are fabulous all around brushes. They pretty much do anything. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these brushes, so much I bought two sets. The price is just as brilliant as the product. I use them daily and can not see my makeup life without them.

Available in Ulta stores and online, The Core Collection set comes with 4 brushes. They include:

A detailed brush– I think this was ideally made to use with concealer but I actually like this as a lip brush. I like to use it to apply lipstick and to get a nice sharp outline of the lips.

Pointed foundation brush– In my opinion this is too small to apply foundation all over the face. I think it’s fine to get in the small spaces like the sides of the nose or around the lips. I like using this brush for concealer under the eyes or on dark or red spots. I love it as a contour brush. I get a good contour of the nose and the cheeks with this brush, especially when I use creams or liquid.


Buffing brush-I think this brush is brilliant! It’s so soft and so dense, I love how my foundation looks when I apply with this brush. If I could marry this brush I would. It’s great with ANY product; cream, liquid or powder, it gives a flawless finish when applying liquid foundation. It even works great with my Bare Minerals. I like it for cream blush too. I can’t stress enough how wonderful this brush is so let’s move on.

Contour brush– Another favorite of mine, perfect for cream and powders. With it’s pointed tip this is good for highlighting and contouring the face. I also love applying my blushes with this because the tip puts the product exactly where you want it.  Application is super easy and perfect.


Quick Review:

Product: 5/5- Excellent value for excellent very soft brushes. These brushes are universal and can be used with just about any product; cream, liquid, powder. Great all around brushes.

Packaging: 5/5- The brushes are not big, bulky or heavy and they come with a cute travel case/stand. The brushes are also colored with like aluminum handles so they stand out from the usual black brushes.

Price: 5/5- $17.99 for 4 brushes, you really can’t beat that! In the US they are only available at Ulta stores and online. You also get a nice travel case/stand (not pictured -sorry) to hold your brushes. This is an excellent starter face brush kit or if you just want to add more brushes to your collection. Perfect additions to any brush junky’s stash.


6 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brush Set-Core Collection

  1. ok my paycheck is gonna be gone by the time i’m done reading all your blogs! i really do need some new brushes… hmmmm 🙂

  2. Thanks…I’m alway curious about the brushes. I hear it might just be the most important thing to putting on makeup, is having the right brushes.

    • Yes! Brushes are essential. You can have the best makeup but if you have crappy tools the finish won’t look right. The brushes should be dense enough to pick up the product and they shouldn’t shed. From my experience I like synthetic brushes for creams and liquids because they don’t suck up the product and natural or animal hair brushes are better for powders because the product doesn’t slide around.
      Hope that helps a bit. Anything else you know how to reach me 😉

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