Lush Angels on Bare Skin



Lush is known for using natural ingredients and making their products by hand. Lush has lots of interesting products. This is mostly why I love them! Other than the fact that they use natural ingredients(much more natural than OTC products) Lush seems to deviate from the norm. When you think of facial cleansers you think of bars and liquids. Where Lush does has a couple bar cleansers, most of their cleansers are called cleanser rolls. The cleanser rolls have like a putty consistency.


use less than this for a clean face!

Angels on Bare Skin looks like clay when you see it. Plenty of people are intruiged when they fisrst see this sitting in a tub on the sink. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types. With ingredients like lavender, ground almonds and rose oils this product works really well at not only cleansing the skin but also gently exfoliating and hydrating the skin. I do have oily skin but I love using this every morning. It doesnt add exra oil to my skin, on the contrary it actually balances me out and I’m not left with an oily residue on my face.  I use Lush Fresh Farmacy cleanser (reviewed here)at night, which removes every trace of oil, and I use Angels in the morning to help rehydrate my skin. It feels rough when dry but once you add water the cleanser softens. You can see the crushed almonds in the cleanser and it looks like an herbal, earthy product. The light smell of lavander makes the product relaxing and enticing. I also love that the tub the cleanser comes in can be reused.

Like all of Lush’s cleansers, Angels is bought by the weight, which I think is brilliant. You pay what you can afford. You can just go in the store and ask for a $7 tub or a $20 tub. The product does last a long time, depending on how much you buy, becasue you are using a small amount with each use.

How to use this: Take a small, pea sized amount and add water. When mixed with the water it creates a paste. Gently rub the paste over your face to clean and exfoliate the skin, rinse clean and feel the softness.

Quick Review:

Product: 5/5- This is an excellent every day cleanser and it’s prefect for any skin type. It cleanses, soothes and exfoliates the skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and looking bright.

Packaging: 4/5- The Cleanser comes in a plastic tub that can be reused. The tub is pretty bulky so it takes up some space however it is travel friendly. When I travel with it there is no spill or mess.

Price: 4/5- Online The price is $10.95 for 3.5oz. When I buy in store, I don’t usually go by the oz because I just ask the associate for a certain dollar amount. The big difference buying online is that you can’t specify the dollar amount you want or the ounces you want. The pice is set online so I recommend buying in store.


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