Inglot Sleeks Lip gloss #26


This is the first time trying out Inglot’s Lip gloss and I must say I am very pleased with them. I feel like this product is less of a gloss and more of a liquid lipstick. When first applied it looks glossy but later it actually loses some of it’s glossiness (not color) and looks more like a lipstick to me.

This shade, #26, is a coppery red with golden shimmer. It reminds me of a brand new penny in color. It looks beautiful on the lips. It’s so bold and vibrant and it instantly draws attention.


The formula is really opaque and coats the lips really well giving a smooth, even finish. The gloss is not sticky, something I love, and It’s not thick which I find interesting since it gives really great color payoff for a gloss. There are no moisturizing benefits with this gloss. The lip gloss is really creamy when first applied and it feels moisturizing at first but as time goes, not so much. However it is not drying to the lips. There is a light, nice fruity smell to the lip gloss, I want to say like strawberry but the scent is not strong. There is a doe foot applicator to apply the color and the tubes are really cute and slim, hence the product’s namesake. The tubes remind me of test tubes or those vials used in hospitals to take blood. OK, that’s not so cute, but THESE tubes are cute!

Three hours after I applied I still had really strong color and my lips were still smooth. This color lasted about a good 6 hours before fading or drying out without eating or drinking.

The price for these are $10 for 0.2oz of product. That’s not a lot when you compare to Mac (0.14oz at $14.50) or Nars (0.28oz  at @24) but the color is pretty opaque so you don’t need to use a whole lot. I dipped my brush twice into the tube to go over my lips and I got great color. Keeping that in mind, I think its an OK amount for the cost of the product.

Quick Rating:

Product:5/5- Texture is very smooth and non sticky, gives an opaque, even finish and there’s a pleasant scent to it. The color payoff is excellent.

Packaging: 4/5- I really like the packaging for its small and compact. I like the unique tube and the long application stick makes for good control when applying color.

Price: 4/5- I was really iffy about if I thought the price was good for the amount. I really like the formula but you don’t really get that much. Then I had to remember even though I’m not getting as much as other brands, I’m not paying other brand’s prices either. Plus you’re not using a lot of product with each application. So I think its fair amount.I’m really looking forward to trying out more of these in the future!

Inglot Sleeks Lip Gloss 26 w/ Inglot blush 43

Lipgloss 26 w/ blush 43


4 thoughts on “Inglot Sleeks Lip gloss #26

  1. pretty!!! I like that some color stays on the lips because most glosses just fade away fast withing left behind!

    • I agree. That’s one of the reasons why I’m more of a lipstick fan. But these are really good! Maybe because it’s because the color is darker. I need to test more out! 🙂

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