Inglot Face Blush #43

Inglot Face Blush #43

So this is my first blush from Inglot. They had so many beautiful colors it was hard to choose one. I have so many good blushes already but I was dying to try one for the sake of saying I have tried them and to review.

The formula is really soft and smooth. It feels like butter to the touch. This blush is not chalky and the color is very strong! Super duper pigmented! I applied the color with a fan brush then used a clean blush brush to blend it out..and speaking of, it blends really nicely too.

The color is a very pretty magenta with golden shimmer. Don’t confuse shimmer with glitter because it’s not glittery at all.  This color reminds me of Mac Breezy blush, something I’ve been eyeing for some time now, but this packs a lot more punch. It’s Breezy on steroids! It really is gorgeous on the skin. I got lots of compliments wearing this. It looks absolutely stunning on medium to darker skin tones. If used lightly I can see this looking great on lighter skin too! OR just go all out if you want!

The color started to fade after about 6 hours of wear. After about 8 hours of wear there was still a slight flush of color on my cheeks. The tint looked just as beautiful as when first applied.

The cost of these are $12 for 2.5g/0.09oz of product. Mac blushes you get 6g of product for $20. I don’t see myself hitting pan on this anytime soon, even if it is a little less than half product when compared to Mac because you really do need very little to get color.

Quick Review

Product 5/5- The color is super vibrant and beautiful, the texture is soft and smooth and the color lasts a long time after application. You are left with a nice stain of color on your cheeks.

Packaging 5/5- Cute and compact, the top is clear and twists off. The top doesn’t seem to be cheap which is great because that means you can travel with it and it won’t break easily.

Price 4/5- The price is pretty reasonable I think for the product. I really like the formula and the texture of this blush and I love that I didn’t pay 20 bucks or more for this. In theory you don’t get much but you’re only paying 12 bucks for it so I think it’s a winner.

Color Before blending out


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