Let’s take a closer look! Makeup Show products and brands

So this is a closer look at the products and brands I got from the Makeup Show. I will be sure to give more in depth, individual reviews on each product when I get around to testing and wearing the products.

Inglot: This was my first stop and my favorite. I previously got some eyeshadows and some of their gel liners last year at the IMATS and I just fell in love with the brand so I was super excited to try more of their products.  Everything they have is so lovely and enticing I really could’ve spent all my money here but that would’ve been it for me so I decided to pace myself. So I got three of their glosses, one lipstick, some pigments/loose eyeshadows, a blush and this really beautiful illuminator. I was really overwhelmed here since there is so much from them that I haven’t tried so I just picked a few things and called it a day. Their prices were 30% off retail. Here’s some pictures!

Inglot Goodies!!

Inglot Face and Body Illuminator

Naime’s: Located here in LA I could go here anytime but my friend showed me these glosses and they looked lovely. Going by the packaging it looks like the brand is Lime Crime and the product is Carousel Gloss. I’ve never heard of this brand before. I only got one to test out since I already own tons of glosses and I really needed to stay focused on what I NEEDED as opposed to what I WANTED. I’ve been wanting a Z-Palette for blushes and/or eyeshadows, so I got one from here since this was the cheapest spot at the show (I think).

Carousel Gloss-Golden Ticket

Carousel Gloss


OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics): I’ve always wanted to try OCC lip tars and I hate buying things online without testing them first so this was the perfect opportunity. I bought a couple of their loose eyeshadow/pigments two years ago at IMATS so I wanted to try something else from the brand. I got a few really pretty lip tar colors, I could’ve easily gotten so many more but again I needed to stay strong and focused! I also met the beautiful Queen of Blending here! She’s so wonderful and nice. I love her YouTube videos; her blending is always on point and perfect; hence her name. So if you haven’t already, check her out!

Lip Tars!

Alcone: Based in NYC and a sponsor for my show Face Off, I thought this would be a good place for professional makeup. They had a lot of good stuff  for professionals at reasonable prices but I only got a concealer palette here. I was going to get one or two foundation palettes for my kit but I decided to invest in another brand and build it up.

Concealer palette with Correctors

Nigel’s: I bought a HUGE bag of sponges here for 10 bucks! You can’t really beat that deal. And I got a really cute brush belt since my Sephora brush belt is crappy (the slots are loose and I almost lost a few brushes). The belt is more like a purse actually and It looks small but there are a lot of pockets and holders. Again I could go here anytime since they are in LA but I couldn’t resist this belt! I saw a makeup artist wearing one and I had to have it. Plus it was a pretty good deal.

Brush Belt/purse

I Envy: Had a great deal on lashes. 2 bags of 10 for $30. And they came in a cute bag. I thought this would make a good addition for my kit to use when I start doing bridal, proms or other special occasions makeup. I don’t use lashes so I went in half with friend and just got one bag for now and I got a cute green glitter liquid liner as a gift! You get a good assortment of lashes in the bag and there was also a dramatic lash bag. Good deal!

Crown Brush: I love their brushes. They are good quality at good prices. I bought some brushes at the IMATS last year and I really like them. I haven’t had any problems with shedding and they are really soft (but not all though, this is why I like to test before I buy). They are great dupes for Mac Brushes.

Auraline Beauty: I got a cute lip palette for my kit here. This brand is online and it’s only available for pros and retailers. So you need to do an application and show your proof (like Mac and MUFE) to buy from here. They have lots of great stuff for great prices. They had amazing deals but I am so good on eyeshadows and blushes I had to pass. It was tempting though!


2 thoughts on “Let’s take a closer look! Makeup Show products and brands

  1. Oh my goodness you really scored! I’ve got a question, what’s an illuminator for – it looks like a type of concealor, but i’m not sure. Can’t wait to see the break down of all the exciting products above!

    • An illuminator gives the skin a nice glow. It can be golden, bronzey or rosy to name a few options. Think of Beyonce or a Kim Kardashian face. It’s used to highlight certain features of the face, or body. It makes the skin look healthy. I will definitely review it soon. It’s goregeous!

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