Day 3 Behind the Stage

Last night was really fun! I did the same designs and makeup on the same actresses. SO there was nothing new, no new designs, no new colors and no special instructions. Only that the performers were acting in front of an audience, the night before opening night. So this time people really will be looking at my makeup on stage. I was really starting to get excited!

Last night I found a way to manage my time better and the production people had a more structured way of calling people in for mic checks and such. I just went in and took control of my actresses and my time. I didn’t need to wait for anyone else. The night before was such a time crunch and a bit nerve racking I didn’t want to feel rushed again. This time I actually finished with five minutes before warm up and I was much more happy with how my designs came out. Nerves were long gone, hands a bit more steady though not solid (I just think that’s from decades of coffee drinking). I was in control and I loved every second of it! Watching the show from the audience I could actually see my makeup! Even The Goddess of Earth’s bright green and yellow eye makeup. It felt really good knowing that I did that, though I didn’t do everything. Someday, but not tonight.

My teacher told me last night that If I keep coming and volunteering she’d put me on the crew list for credit for the next show! I would love to see my name on a theater program. I’m just feeling so good right now. I really do feel like I’m starting to live my dreams!  Anyhow, here are pictures from last night



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