Spring is just around the corner!

So I’m doing something a bit different today, other than a makeup or beauty post!

Despite the fact that a storm is coming to LA this weekend and putting a damper on my St. Patty’s day AND Makeup show festivities, when you go to the malls it’s undeniable that Spring is nearing. There are bright colors everywhere and pretty dresses, airy tops and tanks have replaced sweaters and coats on the racks. Apart from Fall (because its boots season) Spring is probably my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors in nature and in stores. You’re just naturally inclined so gravitate to all the beauty and bright colors.

My mom dragged me to the mall, knowing I’m trying to save money for spring break in Vegas and the Makeup Show. She says “You’ll be fine! Just learn some self control and don’t spend any money”. Says the woman who has over 30 pairs of shoes, a collection of Coach, and Dooney handbags and has only worn them a few times. She wonders where my shopping addiction comes from. I swear she buys something just because its on sale! Ah, my loving mother.

Anyhow, I’m trying to be good and just follow her lead since she wants, go figure, another pair of shoes. We pass Bakers and the cutest pair of shoes catch my eyes! Perfect for Spring, especial for spring break with the outfit I want to wear. I love Bakers because they carry cute shoes that are pretty comfy in size 11’s and they are cheaper alternatives to Aldo or Nordstrom. I just couldn’t resist these shoes. I tried them on and I was instantly in love. So of course I buy them because I have issues! LOL. NO self control what so ever.
So here they are! I am so excited to wear these babies!







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