Model(s) of the Day-2nd Day Behind The Stage

It was another amazing night in the El Camino Campus Theater! Last night was my second night volunteering my makeup services for the stage production of Once on this Island.

I went into the theater feeling a little more confident and ready to get to work. Nerves for the most part were out the window since I knew what to expect and what was expected of me. After a pretty stressful and annoying day at my day job I needed a good way to decompress and channel my frustrations and energy somewhere else, awaken my creativity if you will. Who knew ‘work’ could be a nice decompressor? Even with the time crunches I felt really comfortable and at home; like I belonged there.

Anyhow, after doing my eye makeup for the lovely Mother Earth my teacher explains to me that the makeup and the paintings need to be bigger, bolder and brighter. Apparently the face paints didn’t show so well from the audience (luckily these are dress rehearsals). Either the colors didn’t pop or some of the paints cast some kind of unwanted shadow, like eye bags. So I was comfortably face painting my second day ever and I stepped my game up a little on the lovely actress I painted up the first night. I added some other contrasting colors and had more of a steady hand and this is what I got!

Then I start on my second lovely actress. Feeling really good about my color selection and surprised how steady my hands are. Then I hear “5 minutes!” Oh crap, I haven’t even finished the first side yet. So I’m a bit frazzled and feeling the time crunch. I’m starting to rush a bit but still surprisingly steady and I’m done. Then I look at both sides and see that it’s much brighter but the lines are not even! BOOO. This is what I got.

SO I was a little disappointed they didn’t match, even though the colors and designs looked much better than the night before. AND on a positive note while I was watching from the audience I noticed that the side that was bigger showed better, so I guess it worked out since now I know how big to draw the designs. Again, thank god it’s just a dress rehearsal. So third times the charm. I’ll definitely get it later tonight!


2 thoughts on “Model(s) of the Day-2nd Day Behind The Stage

  1. Oh cool – I answered my own question (i’m reading your blog entries backwards trying to catch up on all the awesomeness!) so face painting! wow how fun! Very interesting designs and I really love the third actress’ eye makeup! Here’s to more fun and career building experiences!

    • Yes! Apparently theater is the place to let your creativity shine! I plan on working more shows for some much needed practice! I never thought I would like painting but I do!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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