Model(s) of the day-My first gig behind the stage!

One thing I love about my makeup class is that my awesome teacher gives her students a chance to volunteer to work with her and do actual makeup on her theater gigs. So yesterday I volunteered to do work on the actresses for a stage production called Once on this Island. I was super excited to do some work but at the same time extremely nervous. I mean this isn’t really practice, I’m actually doing work that’s going to be seen by people on a stage under bright lights!

I got there and met the actresses, who were all very friendly and welcoming. I helped a few ladies apply their face makeup and their eye makeup. I’m feeling super confident with myself and my work. Then my teacher, bless her, says she’s running behind and she needs me to help with painting tribal-ish tattoos on the actresses faces!  ummm… WHAT? Not only can I NOT draw to save my life but I have never worked with face paints before. What could I tell her? “sorry but no”? SO to say the least I was a bit stressed out!

She started me off with a design and I finished. My hands were shaking so much and the room got incredibly hot. I wanted to scream. What if I F-ed up!? There was no time to redo a full face. I just kept breathing and remembering that all I can do is my best. So I came up with these.


Just using my imagination on this one.

I was satisfied considering this was my frist time face painting.  I learned a lot about technique and how to get the lines and curves I want. And the actresses and my teacher were satisfied so that’s all that matters, right?. So I’ll feel better prepared today when I go back. The nerves should be gone and I hopefully I can keep a steady hand.

I even helped with quick changes between scenes. This was such an amazing night. I am on cloud nine right now. I can totally see myself doing this.


2 thoughts on “Model(s) of the day-My first gig behind the stage!

  1. Very exciting for day 1! Cool eye designs! I’m so excited for you as I’ve said – I love when people find what they love and get to go for it!!

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