Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick



Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks are highly pigmented lipsticks that give full color with just one stroke. There are 50 shades ranging from neutrals to bright bold colors and there are three different finishes; Matte, Pearl and Satin.  Shades #1-#9 are Matte; #9-#21 are Pearly; #22-#50 are Satin. Makeup forever doesn’t use actual names for any of their products, they only use numbers. The four shades being reviewed today are all Satin finishes which means they are smoother than mattes (semi-matte) with some conditioning benefits.

It’s kind of hard to describe the texture of these. I usually love the Makeup Forever brand but these are probably my least favorite product by them. They are described as creamy but I don’t think they are all that creamy when applied. When warmed up, or when you blot your lips together, they seem to be a bit more creamy and soft. They apply a bit stiff and unevenly.  You have to make sure you have smooth lips for this to look good so I recommend exfoliating the lips and moisturizing before use. The formula is not moisturizing but they don’t feel drying on the lips although they could look dry. I feel they are hard to work with but they are very rich in color. If you love bright lip colors then you will love these. I love bright lips but these are a bit too bright for my taste. I have to either apply the color with a lip brush or smooth the color out with my fingers to get a less intense, even look. Wearing gloss also tones the color down a bit and makes it look less dry. Lets see some colors!


L-R # 31,24,39,23

#23 is a light beige color. It reminds me of Mac’s Gaga 2 lipstick. It’s way too light for me and I have to layer this with a liner or a gloss.

#24 is an orange beige. This is probably the most wearable of the colors I have.

#31 is mauve pink. I typically use this one with a darker purple liner like Mac Nightmoth or MUFE aqua lip liner in 13C

#39 is a coral orange. I like this one but I have to smooth it out to diffuse the color a bit.


#39 on lips


#31 on lips(pls disregard the date)

I have a like- hate relationship with these lipsticks (at least with the colors that I currently own). I like that they are long wearing. I wore these for about 5 hours straight, 6 hours max and didn’t notice any color fading. When smoothed out, toned down or mixed with a gloss or lip liner the colors are quite pretty. I hate how difficult these are to apply. I feel like I have to work too hard just to put some lipstick on in the morning!

Plus I think it’s all about personal preference. If you like applying gloss over lipstick or if you go crazy over bright lips then I really think you will love these. Personally I like applying lipstick from the tube and I don’t always wear gloss on top of lipstick.  Because I do find them harder to work with I have been discouraged to buy anymore. At $19 for 3.5g/0.12oz of product the price isn’t bad considering the prices of other brands and they are quite rich in color but I’m not paying that for a formula I don’t care too much for. Maybe during the next trade show I’ll try another finish but I won’t be paying full price for these.

Final Rating

Product: 3/5

Packaging: 5/5



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