Makeup Forever Aqua Cream



Makeup Forever Aqua Creams are a super pigmented, long lasting cream. It’s a multi use product that can be worn on the lips, face and/or eyes. There are recommendations on which shades can be used where. I personally only use my shades on the eyes so I’m not sure what happens when you use them where they’re not recommended but I assume it could cause some kind of irritation. For example there’s a red shade that is only recommended to use on the lips and the face because red colors and pigments tend to cause eye irritation on some people and it stains the skin, but I have seen people use them on the eyes with no issues. Just test the product on the area before using first. OK enough formalitites. To the good stuff!


The formula is creamy, smooth and very rich in color and pigment. They all give off a nice sheen when applied, not  glittery. It doesn’t take a lot to get good color.  It is quick drying and water and smudge proof. On the eyes they can be used as a cream eyeshadow, a liner or as a colored base to make your eyeshadow more vibrant and long lasting. They can be used on the lips but I find them drying when used alone on the lips. They look better when worn under a lip balm. On the face they can be used as a cream blush or as a highlight. With 22 colors ranging from neutrals to bright bold colors, they create long lasting original looks. They blend very well but you have to work really fast to blend it to your liking because once it dries it will not move! They start to dry within 15 seconds and completely dry within 30 seconds.

I love using these as eyeshadow bases. Whenever I do wear color on my eyes the aqua creams make my shades stand out and look more lively and I can pretty much wear it all day and my eyes will look the same as they did when I first applied. I also like lining my eyes with them for a vibrant, water and smudge proof line. The only down side I’ve noticed here is that if you use too much product or if you add more after the color has dried it can look cakey and uneven.

In my opinion these aren’t as creamy and smooth as Mac’s Paint Pots but more than likely that’s because the aqua creams dry really fast and are waterproof. Paint Pots are not waterproof although they do last a while.


Aqua Cream #11 is a BEAUTIFUL gold color. This looks gorgeous with bronzes, greens, oranges or just about any warm colored eyeshadow you can think of. I think this would also make a beautiful highlighter for the face though I haven’t tried it in that way.

Aqua Cream #18 is a really pretty lilac color. It looks really pretty by itself or with other purple colors or even blue colors.

Aqua Cream #21 is my favorite! It’s a gorgeous torquise color. I also love this alone or with greens, blues and purples.

Isn't #21 just beautiful?!

Quick Review:

Product: 4/5- Creamy and smooth texture. Vibrant colors and waterproof.

Packaging: 5/5- Housed in cute, plastic small pots they are compact and store very easily.

Price: 4/5- The cost is $22 for 6g/0.21oz of product.  Not a bad price considering these are multi-use, used on lips, eyes and face.


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