Model of the day- countouring with colorful eyeshadow

So today in class we got down to the nitty gritty about the basics of highlighing AND contouring! Contouring the face creates a sense of balance, since no one in the world has a perfectly symmetrical face. You’re just changing the shape of the face to make it more symmetrical and to add definition to the face so the face won’t look flat. Contouring is widely used to make the face slimmer, making the nose smaller and it can even be used to make the face fatter (more for the movies seeing how I don’t know anyone who would want to make their face appear fatter).

I have struggled so much with contouring I was excited about learning the technique but dreading working on my model. I know it’s just makeup and it can be erased and practice makes perfect but I am such a perfectionist when it comes to anything I do I didn’t want to be torn apart. This is just one of those subjects where you can watch the videos or see pictures and face charts but you just can’t nail it until you actually see it done. I’ve tried on myself and I just couldn’t get it to look right, especially on my nose. 

As my teacher demonstrated the technique I though to myself “I can do this! It’s not as bad as I thought”. How she applied and described everything made things so much easier than any youtube video or face chart ever could, in my opinion anyhow. For one, the person doing the video is just showing you how to shape their face, which isn’t  the same shape as yours. Obviously the shape I want isn’t the same shape as Pixiwoo or who ever is demonstrating. Another thing that made it easier was the products used. We used cream products instead of powder. I have tried and failed using powder to contour but I find it a lot easier to contour with creams. Creams are just a lot more pigmented, smooth and natural looking. So those were my problems with contouring and why it never  looked right. Everyone has different face shapes, bone structures and flaws and of course the products and tools used helps a whole lot. 

We use the Ben Nye cream makeup kit in our class. It’s theather makeup so it’s a bit heavy. I would not use it for a wedding or anything like that but it is pretty damn sturdy and pigmented. It covers everything and a little goes a long way!

Granted my work is not perfect (still need to work on my nose contours) but I was happy with it. I went (very) slowly, taking a little over an hour getting the placement of the contour and highlight just right and blending so that my shadows were natural. As they say practice makes perfect so in due time I will be able to do a perfect, full face in under 20 minutes!

Anyhow, here is my lovely model for the day! We used analagous colors(colors next to each other on the color wheel) on the eyes which looked beautiful!





4 thoughts on “Model of the day- countouring with colorful eyeshadow

    • p.s. i’ll admit it would be easier for me to appreciate the look if her outfit and hair matched the glam of the make-up – so that’s throwing me off a little bit – but i can picture it being great for a night out!

      • I’d love to try it out on you for a night out!
        I come to class dressed in sweats! Think of it as doing the makeup before getting dressed for a night out. LOL

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