Illamasqua Cream Blush-Betray


Illamasqua is a brand that is known for their bold colors, rich pigments and risque nature. With names like Excite, Lover, Libido, Laid, Betray and Hussy one can’t help but be curious! The brand is operated in the UK but luckily they have blessed us with their brand by making it available in the US at most Sephora stores. I absolutely love their blushes (powder and cream). Hands down, these are my favorite blushes. Their blushes pack so much color and feels good on the skin. The cream blushes can be used over foundation to get a good, bold color or used under foundation to give a nice glow.

Betray is a plum color with a bit of pink in it. Beautiful in color it adds nice color to the cheeks and brightens the complexion a bit. There is pink in the blush which makes it lovely on lighter skin tones but it also has some warmth to it which makes it beautiful on medium to darker skin tones also. This gives a nice glow that makes the skin look healthy.

The formula is creamy and super smooth. It’s not oily or greasy and it feels like you’re wearing nothing on the cheeks although the blush is very pigmented. The blush glides over the skin making blending effortless. Like all colors high in pigment it’s best to start off lightly then build the color to how you want it. It can be used lightly to make a soft, natural look or you can apply a lot of color to really draw focus to your beautiful face. I only wish they made more colors available to the US. There are 4 colors sold in Sephora stores but on the Illamasqua site you can find a total of 13 beautiful shades. Of course international shipping rates is what’s going to bite you but they sometimes have free international shipping codes.

After about 5 hours of wear the color was still pretty strong. After about 8 hours of wear I noticed just a bit of color left, enough to give a natural flush of color, almost like a stain.

The cost is $24 for 4g/0.14oz of product, same price as their power blushes. It is considered a higher end brand so it is pricy but worth the splurge if you are in the market for a good, solid cream blush. When compared to Mac’s cream blushes, I think these are creamier and the color range is better especially when you buy from the Illamasqua site. I think Mac lacks a good color range of cream blushes and when they do release pretty cream blushes they are limited. What’s up with that?!

Quick Review:

Product: 5 stars- The texture is creamy and smooth giving you a beautifully blended and natural look and it wears for a long period of time.

Packaging: 3 stars- Again, I love the product but dislike the packaging. It really doesn’t store well and its bulky. I wish it were more compact. I also wish the top was more reinforced with a more solid surface instead of having the clear top. It seems like the top could crack easily if you put it in your purse or if you travel with it often.

Price: 4 stars- Though a bit on the pricy side, I think they’re worth the price if you really want a good quality blush.


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