Nars Desire Blush



I’ve been on a Nars kick lately. I’ve been going through my makeup and I’m falling in love with certain products again. So here we go again!!

Nars Desire Blush is described as a delicate bright pink. It’s like a cotton candy pink. This blush is good to give a nice pink flush to the cheeks. This blush shows beautifully as a nice ‘baby it’s cold outside’ or a ‘I just had a great workout’ flush. For my medium to darker skin beauties, don’t think this won’t work for you because it’s pink. I was one who used to think, ‘well it’s pink it’s only for lighter skin ladies’. On the contrary, because it’s not a pale pink, this is GORGEOUS on you as well! Used lightly it adds great color to liven up the skin. Another gorgeous blush from Nars, worth the splurge if you’re looking for one!

This blush is matte so there’s not a trace of shimmer in it. Although it’s matte it’s not chalky. It’s so smooth and super pigmented, like most of Nars’ powder blushes. Because it’s high in pigment a light hand is needed. Apply the blush lightly then build it up to your desire(no pun intended). It’s so much easier to add color than to take color away.

I wore this color for about 5 hours before I noticed it starting to fade. There was still color present, like a stain, but not as strong as when I first applied. The stain looks pretty actually.  About 2 hours later, 7 hours in all, there was a little less color, almost non-existent.


Quick Review:

Product: 5 stars; the texture and feel of this blush is beautiful and smooth. The brighness of the blush gives a brightness to the skin and the pigmentation is excellent.  The wear time is also nice, roughly about 7-8 hours before the blush was completely gone. Pretty damn good for a powder blush!

Packaging: 5 stars; cute and compact packaging that can be stored easily. Not bulky. And with the handy mirror It’s good if you need to apply in a pinch.

Price: 3 1/2 stars; the price goes up a bit too often for my taste. I thought the blushes were a good value when they were $26 but now, at $28, not so much. It’s excellent but I don’t think they need to be so expensive. The more hype they get the more they go up. Really nice if you’re looking to spend some money. I’ll wait for the sales!


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