Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils

UD 27/7 eyeliners

These liners are designed to last all day, hence the name of the product. The formula is super creamy, soft and they apply like a dream to the lids and the upper and lower lash lines. The product stays soft and smooth on the lid to blend out or smudge to the desired effect but work quick because once the product dries it will not move until you wipe it away with makeup remover. They certainly do last all day and night and would need an oil based makeup remover to take off safely and gently. If you feel the need to rub your eyes mid day the color will probably smudge a bit but it won’t come off. Though I haven’t tried, I honestly believe you could go swimming with this on and the liner will still be there. I washed at the swatches and they still stood strong! They are truly amazing liners! I love the variety of shades also.

There are about 24 colors available, maybe more. Some shades are matte, most shades have some glitter and shimmer to them. The colors are bold, vibrant and bright. Use these colors lightly to add a bit of color to  your look or go all out! The liners can also be used as a nice eyeshadow base to add vibrancy to your eyeshadows and help them last all day. Simply apply some liner to your lids, smudge over the eyes and put your eyeshadow on top. For really oily lids I would recommend using an eyeshadow primer before doing anything to the eyes. Now on the the best part: the colors!

L-R Graffiti,lucky,deviant,honey,zero,ransom

Deviant is a bright blue with silver shimmer. It reminds me of a beautiful blue ocean (obviously not oceans near LA). It’s so vibrant and bold!

Graffiti is a bright grass green with silver shimmer.

Lucky is a copper with a tad bit of silver shimmer in it. It reminds me of a penny when I look at it. This is my favorite because it can be used everyday and looks great with any brown look.

Honey is a gold with some brown thrown in there. This also looks good with any brown, gold, bronze or even green color.

Zero is just a matte black shade. There is no shimmer in this liner. Incredibly smooth like a kohl but waterproof.

Ransom is a bright iridescent bluish purple color. It’s gorgeous!!

Quick Review:

Product: 5 stars-Creamy, smooth texture, definitely water and smudge proof (though they will smudge a bit if you’re rubbing at them). They very well could last for 24 hours though I haven’t tested that theory. They are super rich and vibrant in color. Excellent product!

Packaging: 5 stars-I love that the pencils are colored, making it easier to find them in a pile, and are different from the usual black eyeliner pencil packaging.

Price: 4 stars- at $19 you get 1.2g/0.04oz of product. Slightly more expensive when comparing to Makeup Forever($18 for 1.2g) and Mac Powerpoint eyeliners($15 for 1.2g) but in my opinion there are differences. Mac’s Powerpoint eyeliner is waterproof but doesn’t hold as well as UD liners nor does Mac have a wide range of bright vibrant colors. MUFE is definitely waterproof and holds great but their formula is a bit dry to me. So test them out and make the decision if they are worth the price. I think so. I love them!

Rubbed and washed at


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