Urban Decay Quickie Afterglow Cheek Tint



So In light of the Urban Decay Friends and Family sale that has launched Yesterday I thought I’d review a few products from the brand. So let’s get to it!!

Urban Decay Cheek Tints are just that, it’s more of a tint, less of a blush. Meaning it gives color but it’s not as pigmented as a blush (powder or cream). They are convertible so they also can be used on the lips though you might need to go over your lips a few times to get the color to show evenly especially with the lighter shades. The texture is very sheer, think of putting a lipgloss on the cheeks(minus the stickiness). It’s also very silky. The tints are not heavy or greasy even though the products have Vitamins A, C and E in them. So in theory, they’re good for your skin as well. Personally I can’t agree or disagree with that. I don’t think it helps my skin but it might. I haven’t noticed any difference in this. Even though the tints are sheer, they can be built up for a more pigmented or bolder look. It literally glides on the cheek but doesn’t leave you looking like an oily mess! Because it is sheer this tint gives a nice healthy glow to the skin. Its a from the inside out glow. Very natural.

Now on to this particular color. Quickie is described as a light pink. It looks scary and crazy pigmented in the pan and in pictures but again they are very sheer. Quickie is like a cotton candy pink with a blue undertone. So it’s perfect for lighter, fair skin tones. It gives a beautiful flush of color. But because it’s not a pale pink and it’s not that much of a cool tone, my medium to darker skin beauties would look lovely in this also!  It gives a natural, subtle glow on you. I got a sample of this and after wearing this once I fell in love! It’s very wearable and universally flattering on everyone! I just LOVE when a product suits everyone!


It’s so easy to apply. You can use your fingers or a brush, that’s how smooth and silky it is. I typically apply the tint to my cheeks using my finger tips and then blend with a brush, but you can also blend with your fingers. It’s your world, do it however you like! 🙂  As the day passes the color doesn’t move much. I think on oilier skin it might fade a little faster than with drier or combo skin becuase of the sheerness and consistency of the product. I have oily skin and I wore this for about roughly 4 to 5 hours before I saw that I was loosing color. Wear time isn’t great but it is a sheer formula. And it also depends on how much you build it up. This color isn’t really one I’d like to build up too much because, as you can see in the swatch, it can be really bright!

For $24 you get 4g/0.14oz of product. The compact is super small and cute and it houses a mirror which I find handy but I don’t use it. I really like the packaging and I really like Urban Decay’s logo. It looks like a snake but it’s just flowers. Very cute. Sorry I had to share 🙂

Final Rating:

Product: 4 stars; I really like this product for a natural, subdued look; It’s not heavy or greasy. I really like the texture and the formula and it’s super easy to apply, no brush necessary and it doesn’t make a mess. It’s good for everyday wear. I had to take away a star because I feel it doesn’t last as long as I’d like on oily skin. So it’s great but not perfect.

Packaging: 5 stars; very cute and compact for easy storage and travel. I don’t carry blush with me for fear it would crack or break but this product has a pretty hard case so I would feel safe putting this in my purse for reapplying later.

Price: 4 stars; I think $24 is fairly reasonable if you like tints and are looking for something that looks more natural. If color and in your face pigment is your thing, I would pass. Personally I think during the freinds and family sales is the perfect time to check out something you’re not familiar with because it’s discounted. And UD has a good return policy; if you don’t like it send it back for free. I recommend going to a Sephora store and testing the products first since they carry, mostly, the same products!







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