Urban Decay Naked Palette(the original)


For my second Urban Decay Review (to celebrate the friends and family sale) I thought I’d review the Naked palette. I know this product has been reviewed more times than necessary, and now that the Naked 2 palette is out, many have forgotten about this one.  But I don’t have individual UD eyeshadows to share and review and I don’t have, nor plan on buying, Naked 2. This is the only palette I have that’s still available to buy. So let’s get Naked, shall we?!

The Naked Palette comes with 12 eyeshadows, a sample/travel size of their famous Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and their full sized synthetic shadow brush. *Note: I have the original Naked palette so mine has the double ended eyeliner instead of the shadow brush so I can’t review the brush because I don’t have it. The newer palette you can get NOW has the eyeshadow brush. I will NOT be reviewing or showing the eyeliner duo here since it’s no longer available (don’t want to tempt you) But I will review UD liners in another post soon. This palette could be the only eyeshadow palette one needs for neutral or smokey eye looks. The colors are just AMAZING! I know I recently posted about my “go to” neutral Mac quad (which i love) but this baby does everything in one swoop. I use this alot for subtle, natural looks and I use it for gorgeous smokey eyes. The possibilities are endless.

It comes with a sample sized primer potion to help your eyeshadows last all day without any fading which is great if you have oily lids. The primer is matte, has no shimmer or color to it and it blends clear. It’s good to use with any eyeshadow because it won’t disrupt the tone of the eyeshadow.



I absolutely adore Urban Decay eyeshadows! The texture of these shadows are so smooth. They just glide and blend so beautifully it’s like magic. It’s probably my favorite eyeshadow formula. Their colors are really original and super pigmented. Most their shadows give more sheen as opposed to glitter, so there’s no fall out issues. The single eyeshadows are the same texture and formula that’s seen in the their palettes, my ONLY gripe with UD is that I really wish they had a better variety of matte shadows.

In this palette there are two matte colors which are great blending and transitional shades, suitable for most skin tones and the other 10 shades are shimmery. Most give off a nice sheen rather than glitter and a couple are more glittery but not ridiculous. This palette can be used by everyone no matter how light or dark, warm or cool you skin is. I love this palette so much! Six shades are exclusive to this palette only (Darkhorse, Naked, Sidecar, Hustle, Buck, Creep) the other 6 shades are permanent and can be found at Sephora, Ulta or of course on the Urban Decay website! Now for the shades!


Virgin, Sin, Naked


sidecar, buck, half baked


smog, darkhorse, toasted



Virgin is a pale, very frosty nude beige. The frostiness almost makes it look white but there is a bit a warmth to it. I don’t like it as a highlight color because on my skin it is way too frosty and pale but I do like as a wash of color on the lid for a nice touch of night time shimmer. Also good for the tearduct area to open your eyes a bit.

Sin is a champange color with a bit of pink to it. It too is very frosty. Again a little too frosty for darker skin tones to use as a highlight but its really pretty as a lid color.

Naked is a matte nude color. Looks like a light beige with a touch of brown. The texture is really smooth and not chalky. I think this would make a good highlight(and maybe contour) shade for light to medium skin tones but on darker tones it comes off a bit ashy. At least on me it comes off ashy. On my skin it’s not light enough to be a highlight and its not dark enough to use as a contour so I don’t use this shade very often.

Sidecar is like a light bronze color with some silver shimmer. To me this looks like a lighter version of Mac’s Satain Taupe, with silver shimmer.

Buck is a matte medium to darker beige. It’s the darker version of Naked. Again, for a matte shadow it’s very smooth and not chalky. It matches my skin tone well so I use this often as my blending and transition shade from my lid color to my brow highlight.

Half Baked is a beautiful golden brown color with a little bit of orange to it. It’s kind of metalic with a bit of frostiness. This is one of my favorite colors in the palette. It’s so soft and smooth it’s like silk. It blends easy and I love it on the lid. It’s just brightens the eyes so much.

Smog is a medium bronze. It’s not too dark. It’s a darker bronze compared to Sidecar and of course instead of the silver shimmer this has a more bronze sheen. Another favorite of mine. It looks beautiful on the lid alone or incorporated into a smokey eye.

Darkhorse is a gorgeous dark chocolate brown with some bronze in there. This makes a fabulous bronze smokey eye also. It’s perfect with just about every color in the palette to create a brown smokey eye or to add a nice contour to the eyes.

Toasted is a frosty brown with some pink thrown in there. This is a good lid color for everyone because it’s brown and pink. It looks great with Smog or even Darkhorse in the crease.

Hustle is a dark brown with some purple thrown in there. I can’t think of another shade like this. This goes great with a purple or plum color for a nice smokey eye or I like it blended with Darkhorse. It can also be worn alone, blended out at the crease.

Creep is a dark grey with silver shimmer. It looks great with Gunmetal.

Gunmetal is a dark bluish grey that’s metallic. In some light it flashes blue and in other light it flashes silver. I’ve never seen a color like this one! It’s really original and very complicated to describe. You have to see it for yourself and unfortunately the pictures doesn’t do the color justice.

The cost is $50 for 12 shades, a full sized eyeshadow brush and a sample primer. I think that’s a damn good deal considering you’re just about getting 12 full sized eyeshadows. The shadows in the palette are 1.3g/0.05oz each, if you were to buy a single eyeshadow in the store they weigh 1.5g/0.05oz for $17 (still excellent for these shadows). With the palette, you’re basically paying about 4 dollars and some change for each eyeshadow. Think of the brush and the primer as added bonuses.

Final Review:

Product: 5 stars- Both the texture and the pigmentation are amazing! The shades, even the mattes, are smooth as silk and soft as butter. This is definitely quality makeup. All the shades are wearable from a very natural everyday look to a dramatic smoked out look. Most the shades are on the frosty side, not too glittery. So if glitter, shimmer and frosty are not your thing, I would pass. Otherwise this all around brilliant!

Packaging: 5 stars- The palette is sleek and pretty thin. Not bulky like UD’s other palettes. It’s very simple and the case feels velvety, like suede. It stores easily and is travel friendly.

Price: 5 stars- It doesn’t get any better than this folks!


virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, buck


half baked, smog, darkhorse,toasted,hustle


Creep, gunmetal


4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Palette(the original)

  1. oh wow these look so pretty!!! first i need to use all this other make-up i have but when i want to splurge i’ll come on here and pick some of your blog items! 🙂 keep it up Lady D!

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