Illamasqua Powder Blush-Excite

Illamasqua Excite blush

Illamasqua Powder Blush Excite

A reader wanted to know more about Illamasqua blushes so I thought why wait to do it? So this is for you fancieland!

Illamasqua is a brand that is known for thier bold colors, rich pigments and risque nature. With names like Excite, Lover, Expose(sadly discontinued), Laid, Hussy, Disobey one can’t help but be curious! The brand is operated in the UK but luckily they have blessed us with their brand by making it available in the US at most Sephora stores. I have yet to try most of their products but I plan to in due time. I absolutely love their blushes (powder and cream). Hands down, these are my favorite blushes. These blushes are designed to brighten, enhance, illuminate and/or contour the face. The blushes are powder blushes are soft, smooth and delicate like a rose, but they pack a punch. They have intense color and are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. The colors are bold, bright and flattering. There’s something for everyone here. Illamasqua blushes are all matte, though they have recently launched a few shimmer blushes.


Excite blush is a beautiful coral with some peach to it. When I first saw it I immediately thought of Mac’s Ripe Peach Blush Ombre from thier spring collection in 2010. I missed out on Ripe Peach (I’m still sore about this) so I thought this would be a good dupe. Though Excite doesn’t have the peachy orangey swirl that Ripe Peach has, it looks pretty similar on the cheeks. This blush wakes your skin up, brightening the skin and adding a natural looking flush to the cheeks. It is GORGEOUS on medium to darker skin tones. On lighter skin tones I’m sure it will look beautiful also! One has to be careful when applying because if you add too much color it can look like a bad, fake tan. It will be too orange. You must use a light hand with this. Get some color on your brush and dust off the excess. It’s super pigmented. Better to build and add color than to take it off.

Swatched heavily(L); Blended(R)

It is a matte shade but it’s not chalky or cakey(It looks chalky here but only because I swatched it heavy to show the color). For a matte shade this color does a nice job giving a nice glow to the skin when used lightly. Excite is a brilliant name for it because…well, when you’re excited you have a glow with a nice flush of color 😮




very subtle color

This particular color wears for a good amount of time. I wore this for roughly 6 hours before I noticed slight fading. By the time I get home, about 4pm, I still see traces of the color so it’s not completely faded or gone. I left the blush on for a total of 8 hours just to test the wear time and there was still a slight presence of color. I actually like how the blush looks when it’s started to fade because it gives a beautiful, much more natural glow that looks likes it’s coming from within. I do however find that the lighter colors fade a bit sooner and won’t leave much of a trace of color behind. I would say the lighter colors wear for about 5 hours before I see some fading and and about 6-7 hours before I don’t see anymore color at all.

Quick summary:

Product: 5 stars- Great variety of shades, excellent pigmentation and texture. Excellent wear time.

Packaging: 3 stars-Despite my love for this blush I dislike the packaging. It really doesn’t store well and its bulky. I wish it were more compact. I also wish the top was more reinforced with a more solid surface instead of having the clear top. It seems like the top could crack easily if you put it in your purse or if you travel with it often.

Price: 4 stars- For $24 you get 405g/0.14oz of product. The amount is slightly less than Nars but it’s also $4 cheaper. And they haven’t increased their price since I’ve been following them. I think it is pricey and a bit of a splurge but it’s totally worth it.


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