Mac Lady Danger Lipstick


Lady Danger is described as a vivid bright coral red. It looks more like an orange red on the lips. It’s red lips with a twist! It’s not your usual red lipstick. It’s on the warmer side,well suited for medium to dark skin tones. It is very bright and in your face but it looks really great and very wearable on these skin tones. Lighter skin tones can rock this as well even though it leans more on the warmer side. It’s is a matte finish but not drying but if you have cracked lips you can easily see the lines, so be sure to scrub your lips and moisturize your lips before use. This shade reminds me of hollywood, red carpet glamour. It’s just a sexy color. This is the type of lipstick you’d wear when going out clubbing, to a black tie affair or any special occasion. It’s bold so the wearer has to be confident while wearing it. It brings a lot of attention because it is eye catching.

This lipstick wore for about 6 hours but I did not eat or drink anything so I assume the color wouldn’t last so long if one were to eat or drink something. Once this color did fade it left a nice red stain in place, which is good because that gives you more wear time before having to touch up. I actually like the stain and don’t touch up throughout the night. Just make sure it’s not uneven and splotchy. Because the color is so bright and pigmented, it can bleed outside the lip line so i would recommend using a lip liner that matches the lipstick to keep it from running or just apply the color lightly using a lip brush for a precise, crisp outline. The price is $14.50 for 3g/.1oz of product.

I love this shade for when going out. If I want to be noticed, feel confident and be sexy I always reach for this color. I wear this lipstick with a neutral eye(a wash of a nude color with a darker brown to countour the crease, black or brown eyeliner smudged out and lots of mascara) and neutral face because when weraing this you obviously want the focus to be on your lips. Guys might not want to kiss you for fear of getting red lipstick everywhere but they won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you!


Final rating:

Product: 5 stars; the texture is nice and not drying, you get lots of wear time before needing to touch up and the pigmentation is amazing!

Packaging: 4 stars. Easy to use, basic lipstick tube. I sometimes wish the top was flat so it would sit upright in my holder though!

Price: 5 stars. An excellent price for a great product and size. You get a highly pigmented lipstick with a good wear time. I have never used an entire tube of Mac lipstick. I came close and I had it for about 4 years.


2 thoughts on “Mac Lady Danger Lipstick

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with this color. But you may have solved my problem because when I put it on it looks like I have chapped lips. So how would I scrub my lips to make it look a little neater? And what’s a good liner to go with it?

    • You can buy a good lip scrub from the drugstore or make one yourself using sugar and a bit of oil(olive, coconut, essential oil if you wanna spice it up) or mix it with vassaline!

      I use Mac Redd lipliner, or Brick should be good too because it’s more of a warm toned liner. So I think you’d be good with either one, though Redd matches the brightness of the lipstick. Hope this helps!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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