Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer


Have you ever left the house to go someplace (work, a night out dancing, drinks with the girls etc.) with fresh makeup, then notice by the middle of the day or evening that those dark or red spots that you covered up earlier are starting to peak through? Yes, the foundation you use could be to blame but more than likely the foundation is fading because there’s nothing for the foundation to hold on to. Foundation primer is important to help create an even canvas for the foundation and to keep your makeup from melting off mid-day.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer is suitable for oily skin. It’s water based so it is light and sinks right into the skin leaving the skin completely matte without any shine. When I wear this primer my skin doesn’t breakout. It’s doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and it feels good on the skin. When you wear foundation all day, some people (not all) tend to breakout either because of the foundation formula or because you have nothing between your skin and your foundation. Like most products you put on your face and body, foundation is being absorbed into the skin. Primer helps protect the skin by creating a barrier so the foundation doesn’t sit on the skin or in the pores.

There are arguments for and against foundation primers. Some believe it’s a gimmick and it’s not needed at all, others believe it’s necessary. I’m on the fence on whether it’s really needed or not and there are some primers I have tried that didn’t do anything but weigh on my skin and/or break me out. However, this primer feels like it’s doing something! Whether or not it’s really protecting my skin I LOVE the way my foundation looks on top of this primer. My skin looks even and flawless. I can use my Chanel Mat Lumier or my MAC Face and Body and I’ll love what I see. I see a major difference when compared to moisturizers as far as how my foundation looks and how long it lasts. Maybe because moisturizers are used to moisturize the skin and it slides about the face throughout the day. My oily skin doesn’t feel or look super shiny after wearing this primer for a few hours (just a bit of shine-hey, I didn’t say it’s a miracle worker).

The price is pretty expensive, $30 at Sephora and Macy’s and Nordstroms counters for 1.7 fl.oz, it is a splurge. But when compared to Makeup Forever Primers you only get 1.01 oz. for $32. So here’s my tip: I only use this primer for the evening, special occasions or when I know I need my makeup to last longer than usual. Moisturizers I use daily because of the SPF and because I’m only going to work so it’s ok if my makeup starts to fade a bit by 1pm. My day is almost over by that time anyhow. One tube lasts me for at least 2 months at this rate. I only use 4 dots; on my forehead, cheeks and chin because a little goes a long way. Get a sample of this at Sephora or any counter before trying and let me know if you’re pleasantly surprised!

Final Ratings:

Product (texture, feel, wear time): 5 stars because it’s excellent all around. I use it religiously!

Packaging (ease of use) : 5 stars because you just squeeze it out. Simple enough!

Price: 4 stars because I love it and I feel it’s worth it but you really do have to use it sparingly.


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