Nars Dolce Vita Lip Gloss



I thought I should do a review on some makeup today! (*sigh*Oh makeup)

Nars Dolce Vita Lipgloss is described as a dusty rose. As some may, or may not know, lip color shows up differently on everyone’s lips depending on the natural color of their lips. For instance, a lip color will look different on someone with slightly darker lips than someone with pinker lips. Then of course skin undertones come into play, those with cooler skin tones can rock a color where on a warmer skin tone could look god awful.

Again I digress! On my lips this color comes off as a nice, warm mauve color. The gloss is subtle but can be built up to be darker or layered with a liner or lipstick to make it more bold. The texture is very light, creamy and soft. It feels good on the lips and I forget I have anything on my lips. It is a non sticky formula, something I love because the sticky glosses drive me nuts sometimes. For a gloss, this color gives great color. Just as much, if not more, as a sheer lipstick. Good for natural makeup or everyday use. I got about 4 or 5 hours of wear time before the color was fading. I didn’t eat or drink anything during this time so I would assume one wouldn’t get this wear time if they needed to eat or drink. My lips also still felt soft and somewhat moisturized around the 4th and 5th hour.

I hate the smell of this product though. It has a plastic smell to it that is very unappealing to me. All Nars’ lipglosses have this scent. I remember when I first tried it at the counter some years ago and I got a little nauseous by the scent.(I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone, this is my initial experience, but I am smell sensitive. I smell my food before eating. LOL)Even when put on the lips the smell lingers a bit. I really wish they had put some kind of essential oil like vanilla, orange or something to give it a more desirable scent. There is lanolin and castor oil in this and that’s exactly what it smells like. But again I loved the texture of it because its non sticky. So I kept trying, thinking the scent would somehow get better. It didn’t but I eventually bought a few during the last Sephora friends and family sale. The scent took some time to get used to but it’s not awful to me anymore.

The price was also an issue for me. Where it wasn’t insanely expensive like Chanel or Guerlain(both exceptional brands but out of my price range), it was high enough for me at $24 a pop. So if this is out if your price range and you’re interested, I recommend checking it out when there’s a sale. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for(mostly). That’s why I wait for the sales! LOL

Just a side note: InStyle Magazine voted Nars Dolce Vita lip gloss best gloss for medium to dark skin tones in April 2009 for their annual Best in Beauty list. I agree that it looks very flattering on these skin tones!

My rating of the product(consisting of the texture, the formula, wear time, color pay off) I’d give it 4 stars. It is a really good gloss(though slightly overrated) so I think my lip gloss fans will enjoy this.


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