Healthy Skin Tip 1- More Water Please!

Lots of people including friends, makeup artists, complete strangers on the street, tell me fairly often that I have good skin. I always want to ask “compared to what and who?” Instead I just say thank you. I’m not being sarcastic, if you can really believe that, but I do get humbled by the compliments because, like most people, I am self conscious about my skin. I always feel it can be improved upon. Being African-American, I battle hyperpigmentation often(lots of women of color suffer but I can address that in another post) so I occasionally wish for a more even surface. People ask me what I use on my skin. It’s not so much what I use but what I do. I’ll share different tips that help me and I’m almost positive they will help others.

As my first healthy skin tip post I thought I’d talk about the most important thing one can do to achieve and maintain healthy skin:  WATER! Drink LOTS of water. And it never hurts to drink more! This is a no brainer, but do we really do it? I’m sure everyone drinks water at some point in their day. You’re out walking at the park, you stop to take a few large gulps of water from the fountain to soothe your dry throat. Then you don’t have water for the rest if the day. Were those few gulps of water really enough? It’s something but not really. A few cups of water at the office throughout the day is also not enough. Water is essential for a number of reasons:

1.)The skin is an organ. Organs need water to stay healthy and function properly. Without water there is no hydration which makes the skin dry, tight, flaky and wrinkle prone.

2.)Water flushes out a lot of the toxins our bodies tend to hold on to. Drinking lots of water everyday is just as good and cheaper than any detox. When you urinate, notice the color. A good way to judge if you’re drinking enough water is if it’s clear. Again, a no brainer. I think we learned that in Biology.

3.) Water aids in digestion, circulation and absorption. This is a continuation of #2. If you’re drinking lots of water your blood is flowing smoothly and you’re getting more oxygen to your organs. When you’re drinking water, the water is not necessarily going straight to the skin, but it is but it is absorbed by the body in the intestines and it goes into the blood stream and filters the kidneys and hydrates the cells.

Don’t like the taste of plain water?  Try water with fresh lemon(or a lemon slice). Adding lemon to water not only helps the taste but it also helps with the skin. Lemon is a natural source of Vitamin Cand also acts as a natural antiseptic. It was help rejuvenate skin from within because it purifies and cleanses the blood.

How much water should you be drinking?
This is up for debate. Some say drink 8 16oz glasses a day. Some say drink half of your body weight. Personally I typically drink 2 liters a day. My goal is to start drinking a gallon a day.

Do I have to drink JUST water? Of course not. I love my coffee, wine and juice but in moderation(don’t drink sodas). And I always try to balance it out by drinking for water than sweets and alcohol.

Water is not only necessary to hydrate you after a nice workout or to dilute the tastes of those salty chips or nuts you were snacking on. It’s necessary for your skin to thrive and keep your body glowing from the inside out. Why reach for a Diet Coke or a glass of lemonade when you’re thirsty when you can have some pure H20 to handle that job? It might not tastes as good but your skin will definitely thank you!


6 thoughts on “Healthy Skin Tip 1- More Water Please!

  1. I have to get on that!! I can definitely tell I’ve been drinking the right amount, when the oils on my face are gone.

  2. First time reading this hun. Great info, looking forward to reading more. My skin needs help so I’m going to come to you.

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