Lush Sacred Truth


This is a fresh face mask by Lush. There are nine different masks suited for different skin types and focusing on different skin issues from congested skin, dull skin, dry skin, oily skin etc. Made from fresh, natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, garlic, papaya essential oils just to name a few. It sounds like the makings of a nice salad. These are so fresh, you have to keep these refrigerated and they last for about 3 weeks. Which means there’s no preservatives in these babies! Because they must stay refrigerated they can only be bought in stores. They are sold for 6.95 and the pots can be recycled; every 5 pots you bring back you get a free mask!


The Sacred Truth fresh face mask is ideal for normal to dry skin. The active ingredients include papaya(enzyme that gently exfoliates and stimulate the skin, brightening the skin) yogurt(soothes and moisturizes), eggs, honey(antiseptic), shea butter and coconut oil(moisturizers), green tea extract. The smell isn’t strong in my opinion. It’s very herbal smelling, which I assume is the ginseng. I can smell the lavender and a bit of the honey.
I like to use these masks because they are cool, which can be relaxing and tighten pore(heat and steam opens pores) and the essential oils can have a calming effect on your mood as well as your skin. These are great on hot days!

I found this mask to be pretty moisturizing and the mask left my skin really smooth and soft. Excellent for those who have mature skin. I would assume this would also be great for those with sensitive skin and rosacea also because of the soothing ingredients of yogurt, lavender oil and evening primrose oil. Because it is hydrating this mask can be used daily.

I liked this mask because I did notice a little brightening after use and it did hydrate my skin when I did suffer patches of dryness around my mouth but my skin is predominately oily so sometimes I felt that my skin was more oily than usual. So I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin types, unless you’re not moisturizing at night before bed. (Those with oily skin should moisturize in some way so your skin won’t overproduce oil to compensate for that lack of moisture.) I would definitely recommend this for those who suffer from dry skin or has dry patches occasionally.


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