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This is a facial cleanser from Lush that is suited for oily, troubled skin. It’s reminiscent of a bar of soap. Of course we all should know by now that washing the face with soap is a huge no-no. It’s pink in color because of the calamine. To me the scent isn’t strong but you can smell the calamine and hints of lavender. The active ingredients are calamine and lavender( to soothe and calm the skin and breakouts) and tea tree oil(antiseptic). Coconut oil helps with keeping the skin soft and balanced.

This is my holy grail cleanser and I love everything about it. I love that it is natural ingredients. My personal test for natural ingredients is that if I can pronounce the names of the ingredients it’s good. If I can’t pronounce it, or if it sounds atrifical or scientific, then it usually is. But I digress. You can get a chunk cut as big or small as you’d like. It lasts for a while if stored properly, kept cool and dry. I keep mine in a travel soap dish I got from Target. I also love it as a spot treatment. Because of the calamine and the tea tree oil, I dab this on a pimple and leave it on overnight. In the morning the pimple is gone or at the very least gone down and a lot less painful.
In my experience, It can dry you out if used twice a day because it is for oily skin and it does an excellent job at sucking up the oil on the face. I use this once a day, preferably at night so I can moisturize. In the morning I use a cleanser suited for normal skin.

I definitely recommend this cleanser because this is the only thing that works to keep my skin from going haywire. The price point Can be a little pricey because you’re paying by the ounce but you can ask for a 7 dollar chunk if you want or a 20 dollar chunk. You don’t have to buy what they pre cut. As I said depending on how you care for it and the size, it can last for a good two months.
So get a sample, or buy a bar and start healing your skin!!


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