Celebrity Face of the Day- Viola Davis


I think Viola Davis looked fabulous in her natural hair and her Green Vera Wang dress. Her makeup is so natural it looks like she hardly has anything on, giving her a fresh and flawless face! I love that she wore her natural hair to an event like the Oscars where glamour and beauty is just as important as winning the Oscar. Her look screams for attention and one has no choice but to take notice and wonder who dares walk the red carpet with a toned down look. I know a lot of people frowned(including my African American people) at this look because we are now a society of weaves and chemically processed hair. Ads saying to us that long, straight hair is beautiful. It’s like Viola is telling my African American sisters to embrace your natural look sometimes. Beauty comes from within. It’s different but change is necessary in life.  I mean I love a good weave just as the next person but really Natural is beauty. Well done Viola! Inspire us some more!


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